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We are now in 1990 – and this is the year where the story of my parents began.

After making the decision to not going back to Laos they applied for asylum  in different countries in Europe and finally got a residency permit in Germany.
More specifically they landed in the placid little town Lenningen, where they shared a house for asylum seekers among people from Africa, Eastern Europe and other Asian countries.

When asking my parents how they felt during that time, they described that it was a reliefing, exciting and learning period where a lively exchange of different cultures took place and new plans for the future were made.

For Spring/Summer 20 we took inspiration from a postcard written by my parents to their family in Laos in which they describe the little sparks of joy when having conversations with their housemates, the overwhelming kindness they witnessed in their small community and their optimism for creating a new life in Lenningen.

Our range features a lively print, joyful and classic colours as well as airy and comfortable silhouettes to be the perfect companion for your summer attire.

We are honored to having the opportunity to work with Swiss eyewear brand VIU and the chance to shoot this seasons collection in the venerable and steeped in history buildings of the Stiftung HfG Ulm.


The ‚Khao Collection‘ marks the turning point of our protagonists.

Would you choose the right of free speech, a stable political environment with direct democracy and a safe life but leave everything you‘ve known and your loved ones behind and never look back?

This is what our lao students decided heavy hearted in 1990. In order to get politicly active they had to leave their homecountry knowingly they might never be able to go back again.

We took inspiration from the feeling of leaving your homeland and looking for a new one. Making tough decisions about your future and having to go on with a heavy heart.

Our range features a wide selection of warm wool blends, sturdy cotton and comes in silhouettes inspired by the unofficial uniform of asian politicians. The signature KHAO (= lao. „rice“) patch symbolizes the longing of our students for their motherland.


For Spring/Summer 2019 we draw inspiration from the graduation spirit of our lao students at the University of Praha in 1989.

Our collection ‚Class of 1989’ captures the short period of feeling freedom before facing life changing decisions .1989 being the year of power shift between the two world powers and resulting from that new opportunities opening up, our graduates had felt the urge of a fundamental rethink in their home country.

But before dealing with such profound topics the group of the Lao Student Association wanted to celebrate their freedom one last time. Our range features airy and summery fabrics as well as bold colours to emphasize this short and tender moment but also showing their strong willpower and firm conviction for a change.


This seasons collection is inspired by the mavericks of the XV Olympic Winter Games 1988 held in Calgary, Cananda:

Michael Edwards, a British ski-jumper who is also known as Eddie the Eagle, and the Jamaican Bobsleigh team. Both inspired millions of viewers around the world to never give up on your dreams and literally personified the Olympic spirit: „Participation is everything.“

Following these happenings with keen interest, our lao students were drawn towards alpin sports aswell and made their first experiences with snow in general.

We’ve put together a well thought-out collection featuring sporty elements and cozy classics made out of fine wool and sturdy corduroy to polish your winter wardrobe.

Studio Pilcrow
Cabaret Eden

The small paradise for music and culture lovers in Ulm:
The Cabaret Eden – authentic, wild and yet lovable.
We have teamed up with probably the most plush club of Ulm and we are proud to introduce you to our first local hero collaboration!
The T-shirt will be available at the Hungry Turtle’s ‚Behind closed Doors’ Store or in our online shop.
Be quick – the shirts are limited to a quantity of 50 pieces.
First come – first serve!

Sabai Sabai Resort

Introducing our Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

This years collection is inspired by the lao phrase ‚Sabai Sabai’ which describes that everything’s chilled and just fine as it should be and expresses tranquility and inner satisfaction of lao lifestyle.

Dive into the 1980s with our signature print and experience the lao version of ‚hang loose’ with our well-assembled collection of oversized silhouettes, minimalstic pieces and airy fabrics.
Remember your first time feeling a fresh sea breeze, diving into salty water and experiencing the infinite extent of the sea? Well, it’s the first time for our lao students this summer break as they decided to spend their free time at the ‚Sabai Sabai Resort’ at Poland’s eastcoast.

Vientiane Highschool

Introducing our first collection `Vientiane Highschool`. The story begins in 1986 in the capital of Laos. Some students got the chance to study in Czechoslovakia until the collapse of the Soviet Union. For the majority this was the first contact with the former Eastern block yet their first trip to a foreign country.

We tried to capture exactly this thrill, the transformation from a teenager in Laos to an adult in the Czech Republic, the fear of the unknown, being independent but also the great excitement of freedom were the inspirations of our collection. It is influenced by traditional, lao schooluniform but also shows elements of the sporty clothing worn in the Czech Republic in the 80s. The synthesis with a minimal silhouette gives the collection a modern look.